• Successful Brick Fundraiser with Laser Engraved Bricks

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    Laser Engraved Bricks for Fundraisers

    Laser Engraved Bricks for Fundraisers by Laser Impressions Inc Engravedbricks.com


    Engraved Bricks, the laser engraved brick arm of Laser Impressions, is customer focused and dedicated to helping you to define and meet your brick fundraiser goals. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to your success! The revenue generating potential of a brick fundraiser is significant, and we offer the highest quality products and brick engraving services necessary to help you maximize your fundraising potential.

    Laser Impressions’ proprietary brick engraving processes is superior to our competitors laser engraving process (which is a surface coating of Vitralase® and Vitrix®), as well as the commonly used (but non-durable) sandblasted brick engraving process. Our process stands head and shoulders above the rest. Please do not hesitate to request and compare samples.

    Laser brick engraving offers a level of quality and detail not attainable through traditional techniques such as mechanical engraving or sandblasting. We are so confident in the durability of our brick engraving capabilities that we guarantee that the laser engraving will last for the life of the brick.

    With over 30 years of laser marking experience, Laser Impressions is the industry leader. We offer products, brick engraving services and customer support that is second to none. We happily provide customer references. Selecting Laser Impressions’ brick engraving services for your donor brick program means that you have chosen a company committed to uncompromising quality, exemplary service and a successful brick fundraiser for you.

    To speak with a brick engraving expert at Laser Impressions, call (800) 344-5273 or send an email. A Laser Impressions representative will answer any questions that you may have and provide the information to put your fundraising goals within reach.

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