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    engraved gift bricks for daisy the dog

    Laser engraved gift bricks campaign can be used to benefit any cause. Even one to save man’s best friend.

    Laser Impressions knows that fundraising is a vital aspect of successfully running a non-profit organization. Developing solid fundraising programs that inspire donors to get excited about donating can sometimes be a real challenge. Engraved bricks that are donated to non-profit programs or gift bricks that are donated on behalf of another person can help diminish this fundraising challenge. Churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations create and maintain important programs and opportunities in their community through successful fundraising efforts that begin with a simple concept like a brick campaign that can be easily implemented and marketed to potential donors.

    Engraved bricks can be used to create a structure or an area that commemorates donors and encourages others to support the cause. Organizing a brick campaign that incorporates gift bricks that will prominently display donor names can add impetus to a non-profit organization’s fundraising efforts. Gift bricks can be particularly popular to donors during the holiday season, giving schools, donor fundraising groups, or churches an important financial boost. Laser Impressions can help with all the details of a brick campaign including all aspects of marketing and promotion. With the help of Laser Impressions experts, brick campaigns have been used for decades to help organizations successfully reach their fundraising goals without overextending their human resources.

    How Does the Gift Brick Campaign Process Work?

    Brick campaigns work best when they utilize a multi-tiered donor recognition program that can tastefully acknowledge both large and small donations. Laser Impressions recommends offering at least two different brick sizes that will make it possible for nearly everyone to afford a donation. Laser Impressions advanced laser engraving technology and software allows the use of any true type font for the engraving. Fonts offering a sophisticated appearance and fonts offering a playful appearance are all options ensuring the campaign can be appealing to both donors and non-profit organizations. The number of lines and letters per line on the gift bricks will depend on a variety of factors. Laser Impressions can provide guidance to fundraising organizations to determine how many lines and how many letters per line would be most appropriate for their project.

    Engraved bricks are available in many different, shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Samples can be provided to help promote the display and jumpstart your fundraising project. A successful brick campaign that offers engraved gift bricks to potential donors can open up new possibilities for non-profit groups, churches, and schools while offering donors recognition and gratitude for their contribution.

    Laser Impressions has gift brick experts ready to answer your questions. Please call (800) 344-LASER or send us an email.

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