• Laser Engraved Bricks Generate Fundraising Excitement with Schools

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    laser engraved brick installation school organization fundraiser

    A laser engraved brick fundraiser to generate revenue for a new school marquee at American High School.

    Laser Engraved Bricks are a great way to generate fundraising excitement around a project or initiative. Educational institutions such as public and private schools, colleges, and universities are always in need of additional funding to reach their goals. Finding the necessary resources to adequately fund sports teams, parent-teacher organizations, or alumni association projects can be a real challenge. Despite the fact that communities tend to see the value of educational institutions, designing a profitable fundraiser to provide financial support for educational endeavors can take a lot of time and energy. What fundraisers really need is an item that will sell itself to individuals who support the goals of the organization. A fundraiser that can be immensely profitable without requiring a great deal of time and effort is ideal.

    Let Us Design a Custom Laser Engraved Brick Campaign For You

    Laser Impressions understands school fundraising and has helped hundreds of different educational institutions achieve their financial goals. A custom-designed brick campaign can be developed by Laser Impressions to specifically meet the needs of the organization doing the fundraiser. Engraved bricks are popular items that not only provide instant recognition to donors, but also leave behind a permanent monument to the purpose that inspired the fundraising effort. Replica bricks can be offered to donors to further enhance revenue from the fundraiser. Donors can display these exact replicas of their engraved brick at home, work, or school. The replicas are exact reproductions of the item installed at the venue. Incorporating replica bricks into your fundraising campaign is highly recommended.

    We’ll Provide a Secure Website and Online Donation Page!

    Laser Impressions’ engraved bricks for fundraising are customized to the location, its needs and installation requirements. Brick campaign management tools are all provided free of charge to help make the school fundraising process easy and straightforward. Laser Impressions provides assistance with marketing the fundraising endeavor as well as managing the results to ensure a smooth execution of the project. A secure donor website and online donation page as well as database management and flyer development are all provided to fundraisers at no additional cost. If you’re looking for a fundraiser that will yield not only the requisite financial results, but excitement from your donors as well, engraved bricks are an excellent choice.

    To learn more about Laser Impressions and what we can do for you, please call and speak with one of our brick engraving experts at (800) 344-LASER. There’s no obligation and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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