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    With our laser engraved products you can be confident that your donors will be represented with quality, beauty, and permanence. We offer a wide variety of materials, exceptional campaign support, and the finest customer service in the industry.


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    Bricks & Tiles: Bricks and Tiles are available in a wide range of color and sizes.
    Chose one or select a few to customize your vision. Click here to view our palate of colors and size selections.

    Additional Material Choices: Our laser engraving technique can be used on an assortment of materials, from granite, to ceramic, to wood.

    Ceramic Tiles: Laser Tiles can add the element of glazed ceramic luster to your project. Grayscale capabilities and fine line laser marking allow for dynamic graphic creativity.

    Book Spines: This unique and artful display will surely bring attention and delight to all your library patrons. Placed on a virtual bookshelf, donor book spines can be added continuously for an open-ended donor campaign. Our wide variety of sizes and stains will recognize each donor with character and charm.

    Granite: The unique nature and beauty of granite lends itself to dramatic and commanding attention. Grayscale and fine line capabilities provide endless laser engraving possibilities. Consider highlighting your top donors with the elegance and strength of granite.

    Here is a beautiful image of the Laser Engraved Pavers utilized for the Holocaust and Genocide Memorial at Sonoma State University

    Sample 088 (Large)

    Here is a beautiful image of the Laser Engraved Pavers utilized for the Holocaust and Genocide Memorial at Sonoma State University

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