• Putting the “Fun” Back in Fundraising Using Laser Engraved Bricks

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    Throughout the world, Laser Impressions, Inc. has been providing non-profit organizations with fun and rewarding fundraising opportunities that can be utilized by a variety of different organizations. It’s a rewarding experience to sell laser engraved bricks to potential sponsors. Donor recognition is an important selling point in these situations for those who are seeking funds for new projects. After all there are few fundraising activities that offer the same level of recognition over time that’s possible with laser engraved bricks. Sponsors can readily see how their sponsorship dollars will translate into long-term marketing and good public relations. As a fundraising activity, laser engraved bricks translate into realized goals and completed projects for non-profit organizations, which makes the process of doing fundraising easy and fun.

    laser engraving art bricks

    Laser Impressions is able to engrave your bricks as an array, which means that we can spread larger artwork across multiple bricks!

    Laser Impressions, Inc. has provided engraved bricks that have been successfully used by churches, zoos, universities, memorials, and other organizations across the world to raise needed funds. We offer a sales and marketing team to provide guidance to organizations as they develop their project. Doing fundraising using laser engraved bricks is a step-by-step process that is tailored to each unique situation. Using creative marketing ideas, Laser Impressions can help any organization get the word out to potential sponsors in order to increase profits while saving time and money.

    If you’re looking for a fundraising activity that balances your financial needs with gratitude toward your donors, laser engraved bricks provide the ideal option. Laser Impressions, Inc. uses a special proprietary process to ensure that donor recognition does not weather over time. The longevity of a sponsor’s recognition is hard to match using any other medium. Sandblasting and pantograph engraved bricks don’t even stand the test of time like laser engraved bricks. The epoxy and grout used in these processes slowly erodes over time. However, the bricks that are fashioned using our cutting edge laser technology resist fading and weathering. Our clients have few concerns about maintenance even years after the fundraising project has been completed.

    Laser engraving provides incredible detail and precision that just isn’t possible using pantograph or sandblasting methods. Truly anything is possible using laser technologies! Donor recognition can take a number of different forms depending on each unique situation. Our clients enjoy flexibility and creativity with their brick displays that’s only possible through the use of lasers. Logos, arrays of bricks arranged in larger patterns, and even children’s art work can be engraved on bricks, pavers, or tiles to create a striking and memorable appearance that every donor can be proud to be a part of. Developing the vision for a laser engraved brick display can be an enjoyable experience for clients. Laser bricks have demonstrated to organizations throughout the world that fundraising really can be fun! With the help of our sales and marketing team, you can raise the profits you need to bring your project to fruition.

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