• Customized Laser Engraved Bricks, Pavers and Tiles for successful and easy fundraisers for your school, church, playground, or any other project in need of raising monies. Donor recognition and corporate gifts laser engraved by the industry leader.

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    Laser Impressions Inc. (https://www.engravedbricks.com) provides
    extensive fundraising services to organizations such as churches stadiums,
    zoos, universities, playgrounds, veteran memorials, school, education
    fundraisers, PTA and PTO fundraiser, donor recognition, firefighter memorials,
    state and local parks and recreation centers. Laser Impressions Inc fundraising
    projects are profitable and rewarding. If you are looking for a great
    fundraising idea, our engraved bricks, pavers and tiles are a great choice for
    your school, church or organization. We specialize in fundraising projects

    Our sales & marketing team is here to help build your
    project into a completely successful, profitable and easy fundraising

    Laser Impressions Inc provides all clients with
    specialized marketing ideas that meet their specific needs for fundraising as
    well as fundraising ideas that will save you money and raise your profit
    margins for your organization. What better way to express your sincere
    appreciation, than by offering your donors a permanent place within your club
    or organization with engraved bricks, tiles and pavers?

    Laser Impressions specializes in the ultimate way to
    permanently engrave bricks with our own proprietary and superior engraving
    technology. We are the most capable and advanced provider of engraved pavers
    and tiles for brick fundraising, donor recognition and custom landscape design
    projects! These innovative processes eliminate the fading, weathering, cost,
    and maintenance problems associated with sandblasting and pantograph engraving
    procedures, which use outdated paint, epoxy or grout-filled methods. Our
    exclusive process provides a much higher quality, more detailed, robust and
    high precision engraving. Far superior logos, arrays and children’s art work to
    what our competitors can provide.  This
    allows us, to provide you, with a permanently engraved brick, paver or tile
    that is guaranteed for the life of the brick.

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