• Designing laser engraved bricks and tiles for your brick fundraiser or donor recognition project

    Posted on: February 11, 2010 | (1) response

    When designing the bricks or tiles for your brick fundraiser or donor recognition project, you have many options to consider. With our wide variety of paver and tile color, size, fonts, and graphics possibilities are endless. Laser Enraving is a far superior process over sandblasted or etched concrete and clay pavers. When utilizing our fundraiser bricks you can rest assured that your donors will be recognized with the highest quality for countless years to come. We gaurantee our laser mark for the life of the brick/tile/paver. Whether it be a logo, clip art, memorial, recognition of an accomplishment, or original artwork the result is the same. We provide the highest quality, most durable and most beautiful laser engraved bricks, tiles and pavers offered.

    Sample 555

    Laser Engraved 16" x 16" Clay Paver with Logo and Text

    • Colby

      Laser engraved bricks make terrific fund raisers for any organization. Where does one find a 16×16 clay paver?