• Why Laser Engraved Bricks?

    Posted on: September 21, 2009 | No responses

    At Laser Impressions, we take great pride in our laser engraved bricks and tiles. It is our goal to represent each and every donor with quality, beauty and permanence. Check out why we think we top the industry in donor satisfaction:

    Laser mark will last a lifetime. Each engraved brick is a small monument of memorabilia and should endure for generations. Our laser mark will last as long as the brick itself – we guarantee it.

    Laser mark is maintenance free. Due to the nature of the laser engraving, the surface of the mark is smooth and hard. Simply wash away dirt and debris to expose a crisp, undamaged mark. The mark will never loose it’s clarity or luster.

    Unlimited marking capabilities. Superior laser technology along with creative ideas results in limitless capabilities. Fonts, logos, clip art, and drawings can be integrated into any campaign.

    A brick can be “green.” Laser Engraving is a natural and environmentally responsible option when revitalizing your community. No additives. All natural. Long lasting.

    Don’t be fooled. Not every engraver (laser or otherwise) is equal. In my next article I will compare two of the most popular brick engraving methods – laser engraving and sandblasting. Don’t miss it.

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