• Laser Engraving vs. Sandblasting

    Posted on: September 21, 2009 | No responses

     If you’ve come across donor brick installation and have noticed the quality of the engraving to be subpar, then you’ve probably come across bricks that were sand blasted rather than laser marked.  Let me explain the difference between the two techniques:

    Laser engraving is a natural and permanent process.  The method is quite simple; the beam of the laser reacts to the clay of the brick and melts it into a desired mark.  The mark is smooth, hard, and adhered permanently to the surrounding brick material. 

    The sandblasting method is much more complicated and much less durable.  To achieve a mark, the material of brick is first blasted out of the surface of the brick and then secondly filled with an epoxy or paint to create a contrasting colored image.  With time these added materials weather and break down, leaving an unclear mark and deteriorating brick. 

    It’s our goal, as it your own, to recognize donors for a lifetime.  Our mark will not deteriorate, EVER.  This is a promise that the sandblasters cannot guarantee.  When we come across an installation done by sandblasting it disappoints us because we know that the donors’ legacy will slowly, but surely fade away.  As mentioned in my last posts, all engravers are not equal.

    Want more proof?  Give us a call 1(800)344-LASER or email me (carol@laserimpressions.com).  Myself or one of my colleagues will guide you to a brick donor site in your area.

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