• How to have a successful Laser Engraved Brick or Tile Fundraiser

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    1. Where are the bricks/tiles going to be installed? (a wall, a new walkway, a patio, a walkway over existing concrete)
    2. How many bricks will you need (9 bricks = 2 sq.ft.)? What is the square footage of your project? Of those, how many do you expect to engrave?
    3. What is the project time line (installation, ceremonies)?
    4. How many installations? We suggest you consider doing two or more installations. After the first installation you will most likely have the admiration and attention of many more donors. Campaign prices are often increased after the first installation.
    5. Who will do the construction? (Architect? Contractor? Volunteers?)
    6. How will the bricks/tiles be installed? (cement or sand base) An effective construction method is to install all bricks (marked and unmarked) in a sand base, and if bricks need to be marked later they are easily incorporated. Campaigns can last years when enough square footage is planned and enough bricks installed.



    1. What type of bricks/tiles will you be using? Your own? Ours? We have many colors to choose from.
    2. What size bricks/tiles? (4×8, 8×8, 6×6,12×12, 16×16)
    3. How will your bricks/tiles be designed? Text only, clip art with text, signatures, logos… (Please contact us for order form/character count guidelines)
    4. Refer to our price list.
    Profit Margin of a $17.50 Brick/Tile
    Total Sold Price Profit*
    150 $100 / $250 / $500 $12,375 / $34,975 / $72,375
    300 $100 / $250 / $500 $24,750 / $69,750 / $144,750
    600 $100 / $250 / $500 $49,500 / $139,500 / $289,500
    *Includes the cost of the brick, but not the cost of installation


    1. How much will you charge for each brick? Consider the size of your project, cost of installation and the demographics of your prospective donors.
    2. Installation is your biggest expense. Maximize your profits by finding volunteers to install your bricks. If using a professional mason or contractor to install bricks obtain at least two to three estimates. Consider this before setting a campaign price.
    3. If using a professional mason or contractor to install bricks ask for an estimate. Consider this before setting a campaign price.
    4. Increase the price of bricks after the initial installation. Seeing the initial installation often encourages new donors to get involved. This is another opportunity to increase your profits.
    5. Bring in corporate sponsors. Corporate bricks can include logos, opening opportunities for higher level donors/sponsors willing to donate five to ten times the normal amount.
    6. Offer duplicate bricks at a reduced amount. Duplicate bricks can be displayed at the donor’s home, garden, or business.
    7. How will you reach potential donors? Campaign flyers, website, newsletters, phone campaign, and local press are just a few examples of spreading the word. Need assistance? We are here to help with your marketing needs. Secure donor web-site/online donation page, database management, and flyer development are all offered at no additional cost.
    8. Who will be your Campaign Organizer or contact person? This person will be the liaison between your organization and Laser Impressions.

    Contact us for the appropriate database management tools.

    Contact us for free campaign management tools. These will enable you to easily keep records and submit your orders to us.

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