• Engraved Memorial Bricks

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    One of the great things about providing laser engraved memorial bricks for both large and small projects is that we recieve emails and testimonials like the one below.

    “The bricks arrived yesterday and I called the gentleman who needed the 5 identical ones right away. I was not sure if it was a bad connection when he was talking but after I met up with him yesterday evening to deliver them I realized the connection was fine. It was he who was not doing fine. He broke up more than once and when he handled the bricks you would have thought he had a precious vase instead of a brick in his hands. I asked about who the person was (thinking it was a Grandmother (Nanna)) but no, he brought out his wife’s driver’s license and told me the story of the name. It was actually Nancy but she went by Nanna. Very touching and emotional. Their anniversary would have been tomorrow, the 11th, and that is why he wanted the bricks to give to his children. I know I speak from the bottom of his heart as well as mine when I say thank you for such prompt service. His reaction was priceless and your company will have made tomorrow an extra special day for him and his family.”

    Engraved Memorial Bricks

    Laser Engraved Memorial Bricks to Honor a Loved One

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